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Having Tattoo Regrets?

For some people, existing tattoos are removed because of a change in life or work style, a change in a personal relationship, or they may want to replace it with a newer design. Whatever your reason, know that tattoo removal can be tricky, painful, and can result in scarring if not properly removed by a professional.

Ziba Medical Spa offers the premier choice in tattoo removal. Our Spectra Laser System is the safest, most effective, and minimally invasive method because it targets only the ink used in a tattoo. – Not your skin. Best of all, there’s no surgery required, no harsh abrasives or chemicals involved, and there’s no downtime.

Ziba’s Spectra Laser System is the gold standard for removing tattoos with minimal discomfort, and virtually no risk. The ink particles absorb emitted laser light and are then broken into fragments that are absorbed through your body’s immune system. Ultimately the tattoo is removed – without scarring or skin discoloration.

Trust your skin to the authority in the use of medical laser technology – Ziba Medical Spa.

Ziba Medical Spa