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Ziba Medical Spa is the first in the Great Lakes Bay Region to introduce this breakthrough technology to treat and control incontinence – the lack of voluntary control over urination, often called “over active bladder”.

You’re Not Alone

Over 25 million American’s, primarily women, are affected by incontinence. Unfortunately only half ever seek help. As far as we’re concerned, “dealing with it” (constantly running to a bathroom), stress leaking, waking-up during the night, taking drugs, wearing pads or diapers is totally unacceptable.

Ziba Offers Amazing Technology. Real Solutions.

EMSELLA® is revolutionary! No surgery. No probes or needles. No drugs. It is a series of non-invasive treatments performed by simply sitting – fully clothed – on our EMSELLA® chair!

How EMSELLA® Works

Body aging, childbirth, menopause and other causes can lead to incontinence. Pelvic floor muscles weaken and insufficiently support pelvic organs affecting bladder control.

EMSELLA® treatments effectively stimulate pelvic floor muscles using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology producing literary thousands of contractions per 30-minute session. Stimulation leads to regained control over your pelvic muscles and bladder.

EMSELLA® is a walk-in, walkout, completely non-invasive procedure with no discomfort or pain. There’s no recovery or downtime required. You can resume daily activities immediately after treatment!

While conditions and results vary from patient to patient, over 95% report significant improvement in their quality of life!

Finally. You Can Say NO To Incontinence

Ziba Medical Spa